Managing Your Bookmarks

If you've had some topics bookmarked for a while, there may come a time where you will want to remove a bookmark, or mark a bookmarked topic as read to remove a forum notification. You can do this on the Bookmarks page by clicking the Bookmarks button in the top menu bar. On this bookmarks page, you'll find a complete list of all of the topics you have bookmarked on the forum.

To remove a thread from your bookmarks list, simply mouse over the name of the topic you would like to remove from the bookmarks list. Once you have your mouse over the topic you should see a checkbox appear to the left of the threads name; click on this box to check it. Once the box is checked, click on the Actions menu found at the top of the bookmarks listing, and then choose the Remove Bookmark option. Immediately after you choose the Remove Bookmark option, the selected topic will be removed from your bookmarks list. You can remove multiple threads from your bookmarks list by clicking the checkboxes found to the left of each listed topic that you would like to remove from your bookmarks prior to clicking the Remove Bookmarks option of the Actions menu.

Another thing you can do on the bookmarks page is mark a bookmark as either read or new. These options may be desired if you're in a rush and want to remind yourself to read it the next time you visit the forum, or if you're not currently interested in a topic that you have bookmarked and want to remove its notification from the forum without removing the thread from your bookmarks. To do this, mouse over a topic that you want to mark as read / new, and then check the checkbox that appears to the left of the thread title. Once the box is checked, click on the Actions drop-down menu and choose either the Mark as Read or Mark as New option, depending on the current status of the thread.