Adding a poll to a thread

Conducting polls can be fun and useful for surveying a forum community's opinion about different subjects. If forum administrators have assigned the appropriate privileges, you will find an Add Poll button when creating a new thread and you will be presented with a pop-up window. In this pop-up, you'll be asked for the following:

Poll Question: This will be the question you ask for your poll. What you type here will depend on what you want the voting poll to be about.

Poll Answers: Here you will enter in the different options to provide to other members to vote for. You will be presented with five poll answer fields at first, but you can add more by clicking the add more link, allowing you to add up to fifty poll answers if needed. Your poll must have at least 2 answers to choose from.

Poll Options: In this area, you'll be able to define how many answers member's are allowed to choose when voting in the poll. You can also set a date and time for when the poll gets locked, preventing further voting in the poll, as well as when to show the results of the poll to members.

After you have everything in place, click the Add Poll button found at the bottom of the pop-up window and the poll will be added to your thread once it's created.