Insert Video

If you found a video on the internet that you would like to share with other forum members, you can embed the video into your post. When this is done, a video player will appear in a thread after your post is made. The forum software supports a variety of video services to embed from, as well as supports direct links to video files you have hosted with a file host.

When creating a new thread or post, find the Insert Video button on the posting page to begin embedding a video to your post. Once you click this button, a pop up will display asking for the Video URL, as well as be able to view a list of supported video websites. Simply paste in the URL of the video you would like to embed in your post; you can find the URL of the video either by copying directly from the web address in your web browsers address bar, or through a direct link provided by the share options of the video service you're linking from. Once you have the URL pasted in, click the Insert Video button at the bottom of the pop up window. Now in the posting area, you should see an image placeholder for where the video player will be positioned in your post. After you create the post, the video will display in that spot.